Elipson Music Centre

Elipson Music Centre

The new music centre from Elipson. Well, we're usually pretty cagey about design oriented kit, but this system defies all our prejudices. It's beautiful, beautifully made, sounds fantastic on Elipson and other brand speakers and as fully featured a product as we've seen.

You can see it fully on their site here.

At the heart of it is a B&O 120w digital amp, and that's the secret.   Kit of this sort generally have daft little amplifiers inside - while this one has a monster under the bonnet.

Optional extras include the pole mount at £100. And the clear audio wireless iPod connector £80.

Please note that the picture used here shows the Elipson Planet L speakers as well, which are £600 a pair plus £200 if you would like the optional pole mounts.

Right now we have one pair of ex-display Elipson Planet L speakers on pole mounts at £600, a saving of £200. Call us up if you'd like to take them home...


This product is available in-store only for the time being.  If you do want to mailorder, please call us.

The Elipson has just received a shining review from HiFi Choice. Here it is:-

HiFi Choice Review

Price: £1,200.00


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