Brilliant new DAC-Amp from Teac with built in 192kHz USB Audio Input

High-Quality Sound in a Modern Hi-Fi System – with the growing popularity of High Definition audio formats this amp is ideal, combining a high quality built in USB Dac input and a powerful, crystal clear class-d amplifier. It sounds amazing. A multitude of digital and analogue inputs make this a very flexible centre to any high-end audio system. With it's analogue VU meters and compact-rack styling it looks great too!

Main Features

  • High-quality sound, high output power, and low power consumption with an efficient Class-D Amplifier by
  • ABLETEC, Norway.
  • USB cable connection for a fully digital path from any PC, allowing playback of better-than-CD quality sound.
  • BurrBrown PCM5102 D/A Converter for various types of digital audio formats.
  • Large number of Input/Output connectors allows users to integrate with full-scale hi-fi system.
  • A Toroidal-Core Power Transformer for stable current supply.
  • Full-metal jacket. Gorgeous aluminum panels for front, top and sides. Small footprint fits your desktop.


Price: £700.00


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