Icon Audio PS2 MM Phono stage

The PS2 is a “one box” simplified version of our award winning PS1, and therefore is excellent value. It is well know that valves can sound much better than transistors, this is especially so with LP reproduction. The LP was developed in the time of valves, and without the warmth and colour of valves, transistor … Continued

Icon Audio CDX2

A CD Player With That Magical “Vinyl Sound” where warmth and dexterity are required Available to order. The Compact Disc is almost 40 years old! Aimed at both the upgrade and replacement market the CDX2 is a rugged reliable unit with excellent performance and “David Shaw sonic presentation” using a simple valve circuit. This makes … Continued

Icon Audio ST30SE

Probably one of the nicest, smoothest most listenable amps we’ve ever heard!

The ST30SE is a medium powered integrated amplifier offering warmth and colour in an ultra-smooth way to delight almost anyone who is sensitive to the many harsh and clinical presentations offered by others. The ST30se offers absolute listening quality through simplicity of design and pure “Class A” operation. This is achieved by using a very simple design, high quality construction and our unique transformers designed and manufactured “in house”.

Previously, affordable Single Ended designs have been low powered at around 9-13w. The excellent new KT150 valve enables more than double this power for the same cost.

The all-important high definition drive circuit for the KT150 output valve is achieved by using the superb 6SN7 valves in “Cascode” mode to get the best qualities of SE* without the drawbacks of flabby bass, hum and low power that many designs suffer.

The ST30se is optimised for Triode as well as UL operation. 18 Watts being ample for most situations. Especially with our new “Full Range M” or MFV3 speakers and other designs such as the classic Tannoys, the ST30SE will work well with any speaker of about 90dB or more.

Good sensitivity from the built in “passive” pre amp ensures good results from virtually any type of input.

The “easy bias” meter enables simple checking that the KT150 is at optimum performance, the meter also gives an indication of the output power. Very useful when you may need to know if you are likely approach the maximum available power


Ideal for: most situations where adequate Single Ended power is required by someone wanting a very relaxed sound. Well suited to larger more efficient speakers. Delightful listening quality. Easy to maintain, Low power consumption. Economical valve replacement cost. Low maintenance design.

Icon Audio PS1 MK II Pure Valve Phono Pre Amplifier

Introduced in 2005 the PS1 has proved to be one of Icon’s best sellers. This model has had many excellent reviews in the worlds Hi Fi press. New for 2013 are new cosmetics, and improved power supply and the compatibility with our new MC transformers. It is well know that valves can sound much better … Continued

Icon Audio Stereo 60 MK III KT150

60 watts of pure valve audio.

Very dynamic and fast with all the warmth a pure valve amp will give you.

An amazing top end valve amp capable of pushing most speakers and with a smoothness not found in transistor amps.

Icon Audio Stereo 40 MkIV KT88

The Icon Audio ST40 MKI was Icons first design in 2001 and has always been a special product to us. Since that time they have substantially improved it over the years and its latest guise, the MK IV has several improvements making it exceptional value.

Icon Audio Products

      Audio Gold are very pleased to be the London dealer for Icon Audio valve equipment. The Icon range fits very neatly into our philosophy of kit that is both sonically and visually beautiful, made properly out of high quality materials and components.  Icon amps are designed to last long into the future, … Continued

Icon Audio HP8 Mk2 Headphone amp

Beautiful Versatile Affordable – No Compromise High End Pure Valve Headphone Amplifier suits headphones 8 – 600 Ohms

Connect HP8-2 to HiFi speakers instead and make a very brilliant tiny system, ideal for beadrooms and offices. Plus a Project Dock Box and hey presto…. the best little iPod dock in town….?

Icon Audio LA4 Mk3 line pre amplifier

A line pre-amp of outstanding quality

Building on the success of the earlier marques, the LA4 MKIII has improved cosmetics and an upgraded circuit. Now with lower feedback and lower gain the macro dynamics and sound stage are enhanced.

Icon Audio Stereo 25 Mk2 integrated valve amplifer KT88

The ST25 Mk2 is an affordable version of some of Icon’s “posher” amplifiers.  We think it’s a cracker and almost certainly the best integrated valve amp available at anything like the price. Contrary to the norm, where it’s assumed a valve amp of this sort will only handle simple efficient speakers – this amp will … Continued