The Sound Of Music

Christmas 2015 at Audio Gold.

Crosley Spinarette. Brilliant little suitcase record player with built in speaker, audio input for iPod and USB connectivity to record to computer. Grab em quick or we’ll be taking these home for Christmas 🙂 £160


Pro-Ject Level it. Ultimate Hi-Fi geek accessory,…get that turntable as flat and level for best possible sound. £20


This Chord Cobra interconnect releases the music from your system, opening it up and out as if you’ve just had a big amplifier upgrade for just £84. These are receiving rave reviews across the board.


Noise cancelling headphones. Ideal for Christmas day! Block out those unwanted family arguments and immerse yourself in joyful music while stuffing yourself silly. Purfec. From £140


Vinyl, vinyl,vinyl! We’ve got loads! From our massive selection of rare reggae 7 inches to the ever excellent Soul Jazz compilations. With the massive resurgence in vinyl this is a must on any Xmas list, young or old and from just £1!


Sound catcher Roland Duo Capture mk2 – Great solution for recording vinyl, cassette, instruments etc to computer or CD. Simple to set up with included software for MAC and PC. £79.00


iPod warmer Treat your iPod to some analogue warmth with one of our specially adapted vintage radios. They look and sound much better than most iPod docks! Contact us for prices and availability.


Valve Phono pre-amp Also,..treat your turntable to some analogue warmth! A great upgrade if you’re looking to add that valve warmth to your turntable without going the whole valve amp route. £300