Bespoke Click & Collect

Our personal and remote shopping service

Bespoke Click & Collect

We know how personal hi-fi and records are, and over the course of this year we’ve fine tuned how to help people select equipment for delivery or collection.

We’ll work with you remotely to offer everything Audio Gold does best on a remote and personal level. 

Hi -Fi

We’ll chat to you about gear to suit your needs

We’ll talk you through your options, offer up system ideas 

Plug them in and listen ourselves until we’re sure it’s sounding sweet

You come and collect and check everything’s to your liking

We can deliver locally if collection isn’t possible or send things further afield for some systems

We’ve always been happy to swap elements of a system around if fine tuning is needed 


Call us to hear how this works! 

We’ve got fresh stock coming in still

Click and collect bundles of your selections  (or ours!)

Christmas Presents

We’re full of ideas! Just drop us a line

Record bundles, hifi bundles, accessories, cleaning kits, headphones you name it. If they like music they like the extras too!


CALL US ON 0208 341 9007

This is a testing time for any independent business against the online giants. We need you guys as much as you need us and we’re not going to let you down!