Budget systems from £350

Here at Audio Gold we love selling separates but what we really love to do is build a bespoke system for you.

Ideally that means coming to the shop and having a chat and discussing your budget/music/visual preferences and then listening to some combinations of equipment until we find something you really like.

It’s only by listening to different things in combination that you’ll really be able to judge.

We’ll sit you down with a cup of tea/coffee while we hurry around putting things together for you.


Of course with hi-fi, price wise the sky is the limit but generally we find that for a starter turntable or CD/amp/speaker system, £350 is about the starting point to get a worthwhile sound, you can always upgrade bits later on! We will supply you with all the leads necessary as part of the build. We’ll also throw in some vinyl from our record shop to get you going.



Through our experience we’ve found that combinations of new and used hi-fi equipment at around this price can give you a brilliant sounding (and looking!) system.

Once you’ve decided, take it all home. The sound may change when you get it there, so live with it for a while, but if you want to initially change anything you can bring it back and swap items until you are satisfied.

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