Christmas Presents

Audio Gold is so full of wonderful Christmas presents… all sorts of HiFi accessories, records and vinyl accessories, bags & boxes, even telephones and things to record yourself or your vinyl collection at home…

Here’s some ideas from the mass which we hope will inspire you to come in and find something special for someone special…

Remember that if it doesn’t suit, we will exchange it for something else in the shop in January, so you’re covered!


Secondhand systems

Hifi in all shapes and sizes make great presents. A turntable, an amplifier, CD, speakers?  we can talk a system through, identify the weak point and suggest the right kit to fill in a gap. It can be swopped over later if not 100% the right thing.


Vinyl Record players & turntables

2011 for us,  has been all about the huge resurgence in vinyl records. Our shop has been full daily with people, teenagers through retirers, who are dusting off their record collections and asking us for something to play them on.

Secondhand turntables make a very personal special present. Ours is probably the best selection in the country. Serviced, guaranteed, swopable if need be….  Expect to pay £125 upwards for something lovely, occasionally as low as £75…..




Hugely popular is this copy of an 1970’s Dansette style player which comes in Black or Red and sounds perfect for low-fi listening of  rock & pop.


Or for the “real” thing, we have more beautiful dansettes in stock than we’ve ever managed. Often valve amplified, they look and sound wonderful, giving music a special concentrated magic. This was the equipment most of us learnt to love music on, in bedrooms and sitting rooms across the country.  Absolutely magic.  From around £250.




If you’re tight for space, on the move, or want to plug straight into a mini system without any fuss, the Numark PT01 is fabulous.  And it’s got USB connectivity if you want to do basic vinyl transcriptions. £95.   And we’ve got a small number of the Vestax Handytrax which is much the same at £155.


Getting more serious, the Audio Technica LP120 is a beautifully made and handsome beast of a turntable. Modelled on the best known turntable of all time, the Technics 1210. It has similar superb build quality, plus built in pre amps, USB connectivity and the great sound you’d expect from Audio Technica HiFi heritage.   £255 plus cartridge.


And probably the best sounding affordable turntable ever made, the Project Essential is in Red, White and Black. It’s upgradable with posher cartridges, USB stages and pre amps, and even cork mats. It’s  a lovely sounding present that can be added to by others and over time. £160 black, £170 colours.


We’ve got lots of Super retro secondhand portables which are perfect presents.


from £150


And the records themselves of course, which make really lovely personal gifts. From £1  up , new and old, folk, country, soul, disco, rock, reggae…punk and on and on… we have thousands of LP’s waiting to be gifted.   Plus, wall frames to display the best covers – cheaper ones from £20 or bespoke oak and walnut ones at £60…. handsome.


Headphones are always a neat present for music lovers. In ears, over heads, big fat ones for indoors or studio/DJ ones for music makers.  Here’s a few faves, lots more ready and waiting in the shop.


Dr Dre range. All of a sudden the best selling headphones in the Country.

from £79 for Diddybeats, £179 for Solo HD which are a hot one this year.



Sennheiser PX100 foldup headphones.  Almost certainly the best lightweight headphones available anywhere near this money.  Black and white and iPhone versions available for a bit more.



iPod docks

In so many shapes and sizes, including docks to add to your HiFi, all in ones with speakers and DAB radios with docks attached. Here’s a few of the ones we have…


Don’t laugh, this is the best little iPod dock available for the money. Serious.


iPig £60.


And more serious. The Pure chronos in CD or iPod versions is a consistent award winning DAB clock radio and iPod dock. Great sounding and the right price, it’s one of our favourites to recommend.


Roberts have 2 great DAB radio iPod docks. The MP43 shown at £200 and it’s big brother MP53 at £280. Both great sounding sound machines.



Most serious, the Vita R2i or it’s very big posh brother the R4i (£579).  Undoubtedly the best ipod docks, with DAB radio too.  We tested one alongside a Bose Wave recently and, well it was embarrassing really. Gloss white, black or a very beautiful walnut. £279



DAB radios have to be the favourite Christmas present we sell and so we make sure the shelves are full, including these great radios…

Roberts perenial Revival DAB radios in lots of lovely colours.




Vita again. The R1. Like the R2 and 4, the R1 is without peer, the best single speaker DAB radio.  There’s an optional battery and case for taking it walkabout and, it’s got Aux in for your iPod.  Black, white, walnut, yellow and a few red ones which are Beeeautiful….!

£179 for walnut or £200 forthe gloss colours.


Roberts Solar Dab. Just a fab all round reasonably priced lovely little radio.  Red, White, Black, green.  Line in for you iPod.  We all have these in our kitchens and away with us whenever we picnic and camp in the  summer. Love them.  £79.


The perenial and market leading Pure radios. Evoke one at £99 and Evoke 2 at £150. Both superb radios with lines in for iPod, optional iPod docks and rechargable batteries.



Always one of our favourites across the family. The Chronos is a DAB radio with either a CD player on the top or an iPod. Two versions, you choose. Black and white. £99.