Here’s a few DJs you might like, friends of the family. There’s a few flavours here, all of whom will make your party go pop…

“And then there was the Disco Shed. It will be a thing of legend, I’m sure: one shed, two blokes, mixing decks and a glittery disco ball. There were plant pots and garden gnomes, all on a little hill where countless people danced well into the night. It was truly magical how good that little …”
PAddy goes bareback too without his shed…



DJ Supadred  a.k.a.  Carlos St Bean  a.k.a. just  “Bean” the coolest dude you ever seen….!!
YouTube <
The all round man, he’s gonna lay you down soulful tunes that might be called soul, maybe they’ll be called house, nip into disco… and all the time bouncy.




Tony Walker
07814 197609
Tony  runs Tango nights on a boat…!! and will also come and DJ for you, and maybe even show you some of those fancy Tango maneuvers…!!



Down For The Count
Mike Paul-Smith
07855 488462
Crouch End based 9-piece function band performing swing, Rat Pack and soul music.
Tim Sutton a.k.a. Rubadub 
07939 919748
Superb reggae, ska and dubplate man, will warm up or chill out your event with his inimitable understated dubstylee ways.