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Welcome to Audio Gold,

We are a friendly bunch of hi-fi loving humans and our mission is home audio for all. We have been trading new and used hi-fi for over 25 years, with our experience in equipment and our love of music we like to think we can find the right sound system for anyone. Whatever your budget, whatever your needs we’ll take the time to find what feels right for you.

Each person has a taste, style and ear unique. One mans bag of cats is another’s symphony. We pride ourselves in customer service and consultation so if you are looking for something to bring you music but you aren’t sure what just give us a call. Listening is the aim of the game and we usually demonstrate any equipment in the decision making process.

Alongside hi-fi for all half the shop is dedicated to records of many genres, including an extensive second hand selection. When it comes to repairs we have wonderful engineers and like to fix as much equipment as we can, so if your 30 year old turntable doesn’t work don’t be afraid to get in touch.

Featured products


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Klipsch Heritage

Klipsch Heritage range, classic big speakers, we love em, click for info.

Michell GyroDec

The classic Michell turntable, continuously refined during many years of development to the current level of performance.

Kanto speakers

Brilliant powered speakers with Bluetooth and phono input. No need for an amplifier. Plug in any turntable new or old.  Lots of different colours. Sound great!

Hi -res streaming

Bluesound’s range brings Hi-res streaming to your home. Better than CD quality and with the ease of use from Tidal and Spotify connect. You can definately hear the difference! Find out more.

Prima Luna

A true audiophile valve amp. Click to explore the range.

Technics servicing and upgrading

Lots of option including our custom plinths (pictured)

HiFi Repairs, servicing and upgrading

Most vintage HiFi can be repaired. Click for more info.

Call us on 0208 341 9007

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