Alchemist Kraken Mk1 Integrated Amplifier

Alchemist Kraken Mk1 Integrated Amplifier


Brilliantly distinctive little gutsy integrated vintage amplifier from Alchemist.

Perhaps one of Alchemist’s most popular and enduring products, the Kraken Integrated has had a loyal following since its initial release. This Class A amplifier is presented in a mini-sized case which exudes authority.


Independent input and record output switching are provided for the six line inputs, one of which is upgraded with a plug-in MM phono stage. All connections are via RCA connectors with an unusual inversion of the left and right connections (right on top and left beneath).

Finally, power is delivered by an external power supply, fitted with an encaptured 2 metre lead and locking connector for the power terminal at the rear of the amplifier. Power can only be turned on and off from the external PSU, but given the amplifier’s design, for best performance it should be left powered up between listens (excepting when being left unattended for long periods).

Input sensitivity: 220mV
Output @ 1kHz into 8 ohms: >55 watts RMS (Typ.60W)
Frequency Response @ 3V: -3dB @ 100kHz
Distortion @ 15V o/p, 1kHz: <1% THD
Distortion @ 15V o/p, 10kHz: <1% THD
Residual Noise (Max. Volume): <1mV
Power Consumption (Idle): 50 Watts
Power Consumption (Peak): 140 Watts
Dimensions (W x H x D): 320mm x 85mm x 250mm
Weight (Packed): 9.5kg

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