Ariston RD11 Model E turntable

Ariston RD11 Model E turntable

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Beautiful Ariston RD11 Model E turntable in mint condition.

Suspended subchasis, ADC arm and headshell.

Fitted with a Goldring E3 cartridge.

Details below.


The RD11 shared many features with the LP12 Sondek of the period, so much so that many of the upgrades for the LP12 (Valhalla power supply, Nirvana springs etc) will also fit the Ariston. The main differences include the armboard shape (the Ariston’s is round) and the main bearing design.

As with all good things, the Ariston RD11 is very simple in concept – and in turntable design, simplicity is the essence of perfection.

A 24 pole synchronous motor, specially designed by Ariston engineers for the RD11 minimises wow and flutter.

Its smooth running, combined with the high mass platter, have contributed to unquestionably excellent specifications.

The main bearing elements consist of a precision ground mirror-finished shaft resting on a perfectly spherical ball-bearing, giving a single point of contact – and reducing friction to a bare minimum.

The tone arm and platter are mounted on a shock absorber to achieve isolation from external vibrations, and two external concentric rubber rings provide positive record support with minimum surface contact, thus eliminating electrostatic build-up.

A slip-clutch mechanism on the belt drive prevents belt stretching and, aided by the high torque motor, ensures a swift and smooth build up to playing speed.

Ariston Audio RD11 – Brilliantly designed, precision engineered to bring you just one quality. Sound perfection.

Type: manual

Drive method: belt drive

Platter: 3.2kg

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.06%

Rumble: -78dB

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Used / 12 month warranty

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