Audio Technica LP120 USB

Audio Technica LP120 USB


Undoubtedly the best of the Technics 1210 clones. This one made by Audio Technica so, unlike so many other 1210 clones, it should be good. Beautifully made, possibly smarter than a 1210? Sonically at least as good and with facility to play 78’s.

In fact the 78 function on a deck this good, might make it 1st choice if 78’s are in your collection, as you can fit up a separate headshell with an overweighted 78 cartridge. Let’s swing!!

And of course it’s USB so you can use it to transcribe the records for on the go. AND, it has a pre amp in it so you can use it into an amp or compact audio system that has no turntable input.

Also available in black to order.

Here’s Audio Technica’s product spec sheet

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