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Blue Aura V40


A brilliant, affordable entry to the world of valves.

With built in Bluetooth streaming, two analogue inputs, USB/Dac input! and subwoofer out.

We were sceptical until we listened. Wow. Super smooth presentation, punchy and with great dynamics.

Great with small monitors like AVI Neutrons.

Come have a listen.

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Product Description


The amplifier uses two audio processing valves along with a volume indicator valve. Connect all your source devices using the supplied cables or by Bluetooth

v40 also benefits from a sub out feature allowing subwoofers to be connected to enrich the overall music experience.


Amplifier Type
Power Output
Class A/B
30w per channel
Freq. Response. 23Hz – 100 KHz +/- 2dB
Harmonic distortion 30W/0.7% , 1W/0.18%
Signal to noise ratio 88dB ‘A’-weighted / 66 dB FLAT
Input Impedance 50K Ω
Input Sensitivity 580mV +/- 5% @30W
Output impedance 4 / 8 Ω
Vacuum tube type 12AU7/ECC82 x 2 6e2 x 1
Audio Inputs RCA/USB micro B/3.5mm
mini jack/Bluetooth 4.0 inc. aptX
Audio Outputs Sub out (20Hz~850Hz)
Power Supply AC 230V/50Hz
AC 115V/60Hz
Dimensions H: 148mm W: 264mm
D: 215 mm
Weight: 3.5Kg

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