Braun Audio 1, Audio 2

We sometimes have examples of fully reconditioned Braun Audio 1 or 2 music centres available for sale

Please contact us for current availability and pricing – if we don’t have what you want, we’ll do our best to source it for you

Please contact us if you own a Braun music centre that you’d like to sell, or that would benefit from service / repair

All vintage and used equipment that we supply is sold with a full one year warranty

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Product Description


Rare Braun Audio 1 system with L46 speakers.

A design classic

Braun Audio 1 The first fully transistorised combined hi-fi system produced by Braun. The transition from valve to transistor components permitted flatter and more compact casing construction – the audio 1 is 10 cm high. The device’s 67 cm width was determined by the standard dimmension of a small bay of Ram’s shelving system, designed for Vitsœ two years earlier. Vitsœ produced components so that Braun audio 1 and L 46 speakers could be integrated directly into the 606 system

Additional Information


Used / 12 month warranty