Edwards Audio TT6

Edwards Audio TT6

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British built hifi goodness…

We now have an Audio Gold exclusive oak version too! Priced at £799 and very nice on the eyes.

£769 for black.


Edwards Audio TT6 Turntable, sits above the TT5 and is the latest model from Edwards Audio fitted with a special EA6 tonearm. A cartridge is not supplied giving you the flexibility to using any cartridge of your choice to suit your personal taste.


TT6 incorporates a custom 18mm plinth, isolated earth wire terminated to two RCA sockets which are rear-mounted, custom 24V AC motor, plug top power supply unit, aluminium inner hub, EA Big Belter, new 18mm bearing housing and white ceramic bearing (instead of the steel bearing used in the TT5).

Acrylic Platter

Compared to the 11mm platter on the TT5, the acrylic platter on the TT6 measures 17mm in diameter and is also fully machined frosted.



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