Icon Audio PS2 MM Phono stage

Icon Audio PS2 MM Phono stage

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The PS2 is a “one box” simplified version of our award winning PS1, and therefore is excellent value. It is well know that valves can sound much better than transistors, this is especially so with LP reproduction. The LP was developed in the time of valves, and without the warmth and colour of valves, transistor phono pre amplifiers can sound uninteresting and hard to listen to.

Regardless of the other components in your system we guarantee an improvement in the listening quality of your LP records regardless of condition. A big advantage is the reduction in “perceived noise”, on worn /scratched LPs. (it actually measures the same, just sounds different).

We realised that not everyone with a modest LP collection can aspire to a “Hi End” phono stage, so we have kept all the important features of the PS1 so preserving the essential sound quality of a pure valve phono stage, at a price which compares with other “entry level” units.

The PS2 is hand built by the same team as the PS1 and PS3 using the same hand built methods that ensure the consistent quality that we are known for.

The circuit is essentially the same as the PS1 and PS3 with a simplified power supply. So it will have a very similar sonic signature

New for 2014 is an improved black finish, updated power supply and a “stereo/mono” switch to reduce the noise of mono recordings.

Specifications and Features

Comprehensive manual supplied
All hand wired point to point
No printed circuit board to spoil the sound
All Triode valves 3x ECC83
Sensitivity: 5mv for 1v output
For MC may be used with our MC transformer
Gain x 200
Load: imp: 47k MM
Output impedance 50 ohms
Signal to noise level -75db

RIAA Freq response 20hz-20khz +0 – 1db
NO global feedback used
High quality resistors
Hi Fi quality audio capacitors
Silver PTFE audio cable
Gold plated Input/output terminals
220/240volts (also 115v), 40watts
Dimensions: 31cmW x 14.5D x 12.5H
Shipping size/weight 39cm x 21cm x 24cm 2.5kg
(Specifications subject to change)


An affordable alternative to the solid state phono stage, with the same sonic signature as the PS1.

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