JBL DA1650 16-Channel Distribution Amplifier

JBL DA1650 16-Channel Distribution Amplifier


8 pairs of speakers at 50/100w from a 1U rack amp??!

DA1650 provides 8 zones of audio in a compact 1U design, providing maximum performance while taking up minimal rack space. Further configurability is supported with bridging of its Class D stereo channels into even more powerful mono outputs when needed. Each zone can have an independent source or share an audio source across all zones using the global audio input. Expand zones sharing an audio source across multiple amplifiers using the global audio output.

Compact form factor in a single rack space, flat-stackable design
Bridgeable outputs for high-power requirements
Over-current and thermal protection prevent potential speaker damage


Analog audio input 16 x RCA (Single Ended)
Stereo analog global output (global input looped to global output) 2 x RCA (Single Ended)
Speaker output Phoenix block connectors, accommodates up to 12AWG wire
12V trigger control 1 x 3.5mm (in), 1 x 3.5mm (out)
Power Standard IEC
Global input select 8 x 2-position dip switches
Bridge/Mono select 8 x 2-position dip switches
Power Mode select 1 x 3-position switch – always on, 12V, auto sense
Power 1kHz, 20ms burst, 2 channels driven, 0.5% THD max
Rated Power (8Ω) 50W
Rated Power (4Ω) 110W
Rated Power (8Ω Bridged, one zone driven) 185W
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz +/-0.5dB, at 1/8th power, all loads
THD+N (max), at rated power, 20-20kHz <0.1% Signal to noise ratio (min), A-weight, 20-20kHz, analog input, 8 Ω mode >100dB
Crosstalk between any zones, at 1/8th power -80dB
Minimum output impedance 2.7Ω
Analog input impedance 20kΩ
Signal sense, wake up level 1.75 mVrms
Max undistorted analog input signal 4.6 Vrms
Fan noise, maximum, 1/8 power 50dBA SPL @ 1 meter
Power supply Universal Mains 100–240VAC 50-60Hz
Standby power consumption Less than 0.5W
Dimensions (H x W x D) 1.7” x 17.2” x 12.7” (43.7mm x 436.0mm x 323.0mm)
Dimensions inc. feet (H x W x D) 1.75” x 17.2” x 12.7” (44.5mm x 436.0mm x 323.0mm)
Net Weight

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