Pioneer Spec-1 Stereo Pre-amplifer

Pioneer Spec-1 Stereo Pre-amplifer

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Pioneers big Daddy Pre-amp, absolutely gorgeous!


Produced from 1975-76 to 1980-81, the striking preamp belonged to Pioneer’s SPEC series of rack-mountable gear featuring brushed-aluminum faceplates and silver knobs and selector switches.

“Features rich preamp that packs functions not commonly found on other units. Of particular note are its dual sets of bass and treble controls — 50 Hz and 100 Hz for bass, 10 kHz and 20 kHz for treble — tone bypass switch, and dual phono inputs with a gain control for the second turntable. There are five inputs in all plus a handy attenuator switch for adjusting overall gain and two multi-position low- and high-pass filters”

Matching power amp also available, £4000 for the pair

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