PrimaLuna Evo 100 Tube DAC

PrimaLuna Evo 100 Tube DAC


Another great product from the Prima Luna arsenal.

Add to your digital sources to instantly add that luscious sound that only valves can give. Works brilliantly with even cheap wireless streamers to instantly open up a world of hi-end hifi sound.


Introducing the world’s first tube-based data clocking device: the SuperTubeClock™

By incorporating a low-noise mini-triode vacuum tube into the digital clock, this boldly conceived design provides vastly superior resolution, detail retrieval, improved clarity, increased definition and detail from top to bottom.

PrimaLuna custom-winds our own massive toroidal power transformers that are low in hum and EMI. But we wanted more. Our engineers designed the AC Offset Killer to lower transformer noise to a place no other manufacturer dreams of going, regardless of how bad your electricity is. The result? Sense of space. Texture. The resonance of an acoustic guitar or violin string that seems to trail on forever. The AC Offset Killer will amaze you.

PrimaLuna Evo Tube DAC Specifications

  • Inputs – USB, AES/EBU, Coax, Optical
  • Outputs – Stereo RCA
  • PCM (all inputs) 16bit-24bit, 44.1kHz-192kHz
  • DSD (USB) – DSD64-DSD128 (DoP)
  • DSD (other inputs) DSD64 (DoP)
  • DAC – TI (Burr Brown) PCM1792A
  • 24bit/192kHz Upsampling – TI (Burr Brown)SRC4192
  • Tube Complement – 2 – 12AX7, 2 – 12AU7, 2 – 5AR4
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 11″ x 7.5″ x 15.9”
  • Weight 28.7 lbs

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