Q Acoustics Products

Q Acoustics Products

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As we share stock levels between this website and a high street shop, we cannot always guarantee that items displayed on the website will be in stock. You are welcome to call us to confirm stock, or just place your order - we will not charge your card until we know your item is in stock.

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Product Description

We stock a variety of Q Acoustics speakers, our favourite of which are the 3020s. They sound incredibly full and tight for such small speakers and only cost £160. The entire range is excellent value for money. Visit the Q Acoustics website for more information. Give us a call if you are interested in any of the Q acoustics range.

What HI-FI? A wards – The Winners
‘Best Stereo Speakers up to £200’
– The winner is the new Q Acoustics 2020i loudspeakers

‘Best Traditional Cinema Package up to £700’
— The winner is the new Q Acoustics 2000i 5.1 package

‘Best Style Speaker Package between £600 and £1200’
— The winner is the new Q Acoustics 7000 5.1 package

Product of the Year 2011
The Winner: Q Acoustics 7000 Style Package
See the reviews and watch the video on the What HI-FI? website:





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