Technics MK II SL1300, SL1400, SL1500, SL1600, SL1700, SL1800

Technics MK II SL1300, SL1400, SL1500, SL1600, SL1700, SL1800

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We sometimes have fully reconditioned Technics MK II hifi turntables in stock

Prices from £700, varying with version, condition and chosen cartridge – please contact us for current availability and pricing

Please contact us if you own a Technics SL MKII that you’d like to sell, or that would benefit from service / repair

All vintage and used equipment that we supply is sold with a full one year warranty

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The mk II range of Technics’ hifi turntables launched in 1977 and ran until the start of the 1980s. Wonderfully engineered, they can sound and look great. Models are closely related, some having auto functions, some not

Models in this range are the mk II versions of: SL 1300, SL 1400, SL 1500, SL 1600, SL 1700, SL 1800

When an SL 150 mk II is available, it’s usually fitted with a Series III or 3009 tonearm from SME

Not to be confused with the 1200 / 1210 DJ decks

If you’re after a particular model, please drop us a line – if we don’t have it right now, but feel we are likely to get one, and you’re happy to wait, we’ll let you know as soon as the right thing for you comes out of the workshop fully prepped for sale


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Used / 12 month warranty

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