Customer Feedback

We’re really proud of just how brilliant most of our customers are and, very often they say the same about us… here’s a few for you…

Hi. Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for helping us get kitted out with the new system.The warmest, friendliest shop I have ever been to in London – a real gem and not scary and intimidating in the way many specialist shops can be. Thank you.  I look forward to coming in again soon!  – Leanne Dec 2015

This is a memory jog for you, bought in your 1st Crouch End shop. Still sound great!
Cheers – Rick Baker the furniture Makers – Nov 2015

My friend Matt asked me for some advice on buying a record player for his wife Clare’s birthday present yesterday and I pointed him in your direction ( I should add it was purely based on a few minutes interneting). I’ve just seen him for a pint now and was delighted to hear that he had, in his own words, one of the best shopping experiences he’s ever had. – Russell, Oct 2012

Best thing I did for myself in the last 10 years? spent some cash on a proper hifi… thank you Ben @Audio_Gold

Gilles Peterson – August 2012

Hi Ben,been cleaning records all day long – I think I am getting RSI!

But that’s not why I write. Wanted to thank you for your expert help yesterday. The result is truly phenomenal. The stylus is fantastic and since I moved the speakers around a little the sound is mind blowing. All of a sudden the bass is back and the stereo field is much better. They were too close too each other. I should have never doubted the set-up, I feel like a traitor. Don’t tell anyone. What matters is that I have fallen back in love with my system.

Thanks again for all your advise! See you soon. – Markus – Aug 2012

Just to let you know that the Quad 11’s are fine and performing beautifully. No wonder they are still so valued. I have never heard such noiseless clarity in my music. A mark of quality for any hi-fi is how much they add to one’s genuine musical enjoyment and thus to your quality of life. These really do that in Spades, many thanks for your service.

Many thanks  Leo Ross   Scotland. – July 2012 

Hello Ben “As a massive music fan, a little bit of wee came  out when I  visited Audio Gold. Whether it’s record players or  reel-to-reels, they have  an abundance of the most marvellous  pieces of kit, suitable for anyone’s  budget. They were able to put  together the most beautifully bespoke package  for me and I left  grinning like a naughty schoolboy. I would highly  recommend this  shop, not just because they made me a coffee with brandy in  it, or  even the two free records I got, but for any audiophile, you need not   go anywhere else. So come on people, make the pilgrimage to Crouch  End and  find out why songs sound so much better on vinyl” Paul  Harry Allen –  Comedian – March 2012

I just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you for your help in putting my hifi system together a few weeks ago. You must have spent the best part of 4 hours plugging all kinds of things together in the demo room but in the end it was more than worth it. The sound I have at home now is absolutely brilliant and I am over the moon with the result.

The world is a better place with your shop in it so keep up the good work. Thanks again to the entire team!Cheers Markus, VP, Strategic Technology & eCommerce at Warner Music International

Jan 2011 Used the shop for the second time just before Christmas and was again struck by how friendly and approachable the staff are. No-one tries to sell you anything, they just help you to choose from the huge range they carry and will even let you take items home for a trial-run. I was looking for a complete set-up, without a CD player, but with a high quality turntable, and after a lot of listening in the shop and home trials, I ended up with a very high quality system that also saved me a lot of money. But as I said, what strikes you about the shop, is just how incredibly friendly the staff are. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they also know what they are talking about, and that covers everything from rock to classical. They also listen to you – inlike many hi-fi dealers – and genuinely try to put together a system that suits your tastes, with a bit of advice if and when needed. The owner Ben is a quite charming, camp, old-queen, with a hint of Canadian lumberjack, in the Quentin Crisp mould, and how often do you meet people like that today?

Email, 24/09/09 Hi Richard Just to say a big THANK YOU for being so generous with selling me thank great NAD3155….and giving me the tuner which, as you mentioned, is really very good quality as well I am a very happy grandad best…and I’ll pop round for that coffee sometime! Veryan

Email  31/03/09 Hi Ben I just wanted to write to you to say that Bal and I are very grateful to everyone at Audio Gold particularly you and Zach for taking the time and effort to help choose a Hi-Fi that suited our listening, solved the problems we had ( too much of the wrong sort of kit and not enough of the right sort of kit ) and connected us with music again. We continue to sit in awe listening to varieties of music we did not even play in the shop. In short, we wish to say a very big thank you. from guy and bal

Letter 28/11/08 Hi Ben Just a quick note to say good to see you last week and thanks for the recommendation for the Evoke Flow. I’m a very fussy customer and am often wary of taking recommendations, tending to do my research beforehand (often leading to more confusion !). Your man was on the case, showed me the kit without hassling me and interpreted my needs exactly. I’m really pleased with the receiver and and very impressed with the functionality. The shop looks great, very inviting with no trappings of ‘Scary expensive high end Hi-Fi shop’. Will be over to see you again shortly and will have a better look round. Best Regards Michael Barrett-Davies Technical Director for sales, repair and installation of two-radio, vehicle tracking and communications equipment for better communication you need ears

Email 06/01/08 Dear Ben, Thank you so much for everything. The system sounds AMAZING ! [ as you know] I forgot to give you a couple of CDs that I thought you might like. I will bring those to you very soon. Thanks again, Bruno

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