Technics servicing and upgrading

We can fix service and upgrade your Technics 1200/10. Lots of option including our custom plinths (pictured), for more info.

Our friends at The Vinyl Factory made a film about us 🙂 Thanks guys!

Minirigs – the best Bluetooth speaker

The New Bluetooth Minirigs are now in! We are the only London stockist! The best portable speaker, now with wireless. A great gift.

Audio Technica AT-LP5

The AT-LP5 is a design delight that will fit in to any listening environment and fill it with rich sound. Its cast aluminium platter and thick damping mat work together to minimise chassis resonance, so nothing will hold your LPs back from reaching their full aural potential.

Charity and good causes

Often people bring us equipment as a donation and in most cases we will find it a good home and donate any profit to a chosen charity.


Thank you very much to all those who have donated equipment and money and of course, please keep giving 🙂

Fostex active speaker range

We stock a full range of Fostex PM 0. active powered speakers. Great sound for all kinds of audio monitoring situations,…from the PM 0.3’s which pack a mighty punch,..ideal for computers or extension speakers for TV’s,… to the PM 0.5n’s ideal for professional music monitoring in studio’s or just as great sounding Hi-Fi speakers in their own right.


We have the fabulous Unison Research Unico Primo CD and integrated amp in stock. This combo is fast becoming one of our favs, making most speakers sound superb! We can order any Unison Research products. Please contact us for a demo.

A full years warranty on secondhand kit. Why wouldn’t we?

Best thing I did for myself in the last 10 years?

Spent some money on a proper hifi…

Thank you Ben @Audio_Gold

ACOUSTIC ENERGY – an easy choice


We really like Acoustic Energy speakers. They nearly always hit the spot in any system we try, big or small. The newly revamped AE109 floorstanders already have rave reviews and are a fantastic speaker at the £500 pricepoint. We also have the brilliant AE100 bookshelf speakers, £200 a bargain, the high end AE1 Active monitors. Come in for a listen.

Custom turntables by Alf

Inspiring and unique turntable creations by one our engineers.

Usually based around Rega motor/platter and Rega or Project arms… and even utilising vinyl records and Cd’s for cover parts!

Welcome to Audio Gold

New and used TURNTABLES, AMPS, SPEAKERS,  and Vinyl + Radios, Prop and PA hire. Contact us HERE!  Or LOOK inside! Or find a GIFT! Menus above or scroll down.

Working by mailorder and local deliveries

Our beautiful shop must work behind doors for a while to help keep all safe.

We can though work by email and phone and videolinks and someone will be there much of the week.  The idea is to offer you something very similar to a shop visit, with advice, consultation and guidance to help choose the right kit.

It’s good to email us initially with what you need, perhaps pics of what you have now and pics of the space you listen in, etc.  From here we can do what we always do when you visit; working out what kit will work best in your space, at your budget, with your music, eyes, ears and heart.

We can suggest kit, send you pics or best show you on a video link and have the sort of talks that lead to just right systems.

Delivery by courier, taxi or personal doorstep delivery following essential hygiene protocols, which you can be a party in dictating – no offence taken if you want us to drop off kit on your doorstep, stand back 10 feet then call you, all good!

We are here:


Landline: 0208 341 9007

WhatsApp  & Audio Gold Mobile – 07745 152 174




HiFi systems for all

Here at Audio Gold what we really love to do is build great sounding systems to your budget. We have solutions, new and used for all tastes. Come in for a listen! Click for more info on embarking on your hi-fi journey.

Sugden A21 series amplifers

We are delighted to have the Sugden A21 series amplifiers in stock. Proper, British, hand made class A integrated amplifiers that work well with all speakers. What more could you ask for!


Turntables,..vinyl,..record players,..we’ve got LOTS, new and used,.. and everything needed to connect to existing or new music systems. Click to check out our range or come in and listen to one.

Get your Groove on

Klipsch Heritage Groove portable Bluetooth speaker. We love it! Christmas soon. Just saying 🙂

An audiophile legend returns!

The Rogers LS 3/5A is back! And these are the real deal. Click for more info.


Great feature on us in Dec 19 issue of HiFi Choice! You can read the full article here.

Prop props

We do props too! Recent jobs have included Bohemian Rhapsody, James Bond, Yardie, The Crown and countless BBC series – The filming of Yardie made such an impact on Idris and its stars that some of them even took some mementos from the set. “I nicked the turntable that you see at the end of the film when D is on the stage,” Elba admitted. “That turntable is in my yard. It’s a relic.” – click for images and info.

JBL L100 Classic

We love these! Come and have a listen and find out why! What HiFi 5 Stars. Click for more info.

Call us on 0208 341 9007

Michell GyroDec

The classic Michell turntable, continuously refined during many years of development to the current level of performance. In stock now! – click for info.

Drop some beats!

Gallo Droplet pendant speakers are the antidote to bland boxy speakers and faceless in-ceiling varieties. Click for more info.

Icon Audio Hi-Fi products

We are delighted to stock a range of Icon Audio products, including the fabulous Stereo 60, Stereo 40 and Stereo 25 valve integrated amplifiers. We can order anything from the range. Please contact for details.

Add wireless to your system!


Simply connect the Yamaha WXAD-10 to your current audio system, and make your whole system smart! Wireless music playback with Bluetooth® and Airplay®, Tidal and Spotify music streaming services, and more are yours to enjoy. Click for more info.

Dynavector products

We are delighted to now stock Dynavector. Renowned in the world of phono products we stock their 10×5 and 20×2 cartridges, the P75 phono pre amp and can order anything from the range.

Tees and totes!

We’ve got some cool tees, totes and other merch designed for us by buddy Stevie Gee. You can order online here!

Kanto Yu4 speakers

Brilliant powered speakers with Bluetooth and phono input. No need for an amplifier. Plug in any turntable new or old. Beam music wirelessly with Bluetooth. Lots of different colours. Plus they sound great! Click for info.

Klipsch Heritage Range

Klipsch Heritage. Big, bold speakers hand built in the USA. Lots of sound for the money! Famously used by David Mancuso at his legendary Loft parties and a host of other discerning music lovers. Come and have a listen.

Wireless Systems

We have lots of different wireless music solutions from small single speakers to multi room systems and add-on boxes for existing HiFi. Check out our wireless range.

Ruark R5

Ruark products have always been a favourite of ours. Ruarks new R5 all in one desktop audio system, enough to fill large rooms with real HiFi sound. A wealth of connectivity with wireless, Spotify Connect and Tidal, digital in for TV’s and a phono input for a Turntable,..everything you need! Click here for the range.

PMC speakers

We love PMC speakers,…and their latest range is no exception. Superb sound and build quality,..true hi-fi speakers. We can order any thing from the range. Click for more or contact us to arrange a demo.

Audio Technica AT VM95 series

One body,…interchangeable and upgradable styli,..Audio Technica’s new take on the best selling AT95 cartridge is brilliant! Click for more info.


Classic looks, modern sound. The new Project Classic is here. Come in for demo.

Audio Technica LP3

Quite simply a great turntable for £200! Easy to use and set up. We love these, paired with a good refurbished amp and speakers. What HiFi gave it 5 stars. Come in and have a listen.

Meze Earphones


The cheapest way to get better sound from your phone/Pad/iDevice. Swap these for the buds that came with your phone for an instant and astounding upgrade! Click.

Dragonfly DACs back in.

Simply the easiest way to get better sound from your laptop, desktop or phone. Small and portable, the Dragonfly DAC is a brilliant headphone amp (will push big, hard to drive headphones) and great for HiFi systems too. Come and have a demo.

Cult classic

The LS 3/5a speaker,..born from the BBC studios. We have the Rogers, Kef and new Stirling Broadcast versions all in stock at present. Treat yourself to a piece of history.

Blue Aura v40

A brilliant, affordable entry to the world of valves. With built in Bluetooth streaming. We love it. Click for more info on the Blue Aura v40 or come in for a listen.

Reproducing that 60’s bedroom feeling…

We’ve got lots of lovely second hand and new retro record players in stock. Great gift for someone just getting into vinyl, or someone rediscovering their old stash. Some of them have great extra features like USB and audio in/outs for iPods and mp3’s. Some even play 78’s! And remember, we give 10% credit in our record store on all purchases so hop to it.