Fear not, we’re still doing what we do best and we’re well practiced at doing it remotely.

Simply call us on 0208 341 9007 or email us at info@audiogold.co.uk to get in touch!

We will be continuing to operate a bespoke click and collect, local delivery and courier service.

Repairs and prop hire will carry on as usual.

We are available for our usual levels of service, advice and help via phone, email or video call. All your hi-fi and record needs can still be met.

We’re here to help. Whatever your budget, whatever you’re after. Whether it’s a posh new system, a second hand system, new stylus, fresh music or anything else in the shop we’ve got you covered.

This is a testing time for any independent business against the online giants. We need you guys as much as you need us and we’re not going to let you down!

Call us on 0208 341 9007

Technics servicing and upgrading

We can fix service and upgrade your Technics 1200/10. Lots of option including our custom plinths (pictured)

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