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Lots of RSD goodies still left all at 20% off this week. #rsd #rsd2017 @RSDUK

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Turntables,..vinyl,..record players,..we’ve got lots, new and used, from £69 and up,.. and everything needed to connect to existing or new music systems. Click to check out our range or come in and listen to one.

Building a system for you.

Here at Audio Gold what we really love to do is build bespoke systems to your budget. That means coming in, relaxing and having a proper listen,..despite what other retailers might tell you 🙂 Click for more info on embarking on your hi-fi journey.

Bluetooth Minirigs!

The New Bluetooth Minirigs are now in! We are the only London stockist! The best portable speaker, now with wireless.

Charity and good causes

Often people bring us equipment as a donation and in most cases we will find it a good home and donate any profit to a chosen charity.


Next up is Great Ormond Street hospital for children.

Thank you very much to all those who have donated equipment and money and of course, please keep giving 🙂

Fostex active speaker range

We stock a full range of Fostex PM 0. active powered speakers. Great sound for all kinds of audio monitoring situations,…from the PM 0.3’s which pack a mighty punch,..ideal for computers or extension speakers for TV’s,… to the PM 0.5n’s ideal for professional music monitoring in studio’s or just as great sounding Hi-Fi speakers in their own right.

Cables… do they matter!?

We weren’t sure, so we got blindfolded and had a listen. Emphatically yes! This Chord Cobra interconnect releases the music from your system, opening it up and out as if you’ve just had a big amplifier upgrade for just £84. It’s big silver £110 brother, does the same again, adding a superb new level of realism and presence to the music.

Come in and listen. Take them home and hear for yourself, return if it doesn’t work for you!?

A full years warranty on secondhand kit. Why wouldn’t we?

Best thing I did for myself in the last 10 years?

Spent some money on a proper hifi…

Thank you Ben @Audio_Gold

We collect for the The Steve Reid Foundation.

There was a flash of light and this bloke walked in through the door?

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Some of our Reel To Reel decks in the new James Arthur video. We have lots of cool stuff available for hire including anything in the shop.

Custom turntables by Alf

Inspiring and unique turntable creations by one our engineers.

Usually based around Rega motor/platter and Rega or Project arms… and even utilising vinyl records and Cd’s for cover parts!

Resurgence of classic hi-fi

We’ve just been listening to this Ruark R7, classic looks with up to date sound. Contact us for more info. Meanwhile, Ben recently spoke to The Telegraph Luxury pages about the resurgence in quality audio products like the Ruark R7.

Cult classic

The LS 3/5a speaker,..born from the BBC studios. We have the Rogers, Kef and new Stirling Broadcast versions all in stock at present. Treat yourself to a piece of history.

Our friends at The Vinyl Factory made a film about us 🙂 Thanks guys!

Welcome to Audio Gold

About us: New and used Hi-Fi and Record shop in Crouch End, North London. We sell (and buy) all things HiFi and vinyl, radios and studio kit + PROP and PA hire. Contact us: 308-310 Park Rd, N8 8LA. 0208-341-9007.

Audio Gold mixtapes. Listen!

Wireless Music

Yamaha’s new MusicCast streaming system. Proper multi room Hi-Fi from all sources,…be it iPhone, computer or NAS drives with high end audio files. Also has built in Spotify connect for no nonsense direct streaming and multi device control. Come in amplifier form (just add speakers) or Pre Amp (they sit beautifully on Cyrus power amps! 🙂 ) plus a host of wireless speakers for around the home. Come in to check them out. Check out our wireless guide.

Icon Audio Hi-Fi products

We are delighted to stock a range of Icon Audio products, including the fabulous Stereo 60, Stereo 40 and Stereo 25 valve integrated amplifiers. We can order anything from the range and have it in the shop within a couple of days. Just ring us.

PMC speakers

We love PMC speakers,…and their latest range is no exception. Superb sound and build quality,..true hi-fi speakers. We have the Twenty .21, 22, 23 in stock and can order any thing from the range. Click for more or contact us to arrange a demo.


We have the fabulous Unison Research Unico Primo CD and integrated amp in stock. This combo is fast becoming one of our favs, making most speakers sound superb! We can order any Unison Research products. Please contact us for a demo.


We have a huge collection of Props which we hire out to film companies, magazines, theatres, photographers and just about anybody who needs what we’ve got! And what we’ve got includes record players, radios, ghetto blasters,microphones, headphones, cameras, computers and so much more…


New Micromega MyDac now in, essential to get the most from your digital files and bypass that nasty computer soundcard. Good looking too. We’ve also got the new Teac UD-501 reference DAC, amazing sound! Check out our whole DAC range.


The new OD-11 is a carefully re-engineered version of the legendary ortho directional loud-speaker by Stig Carlsson from 1974.

Now with a built-in computer, 100 watt amplifier and the latest wifi technology.

Link up with your music server, Spotify etc and control everything from your phone with the free app!

These Shoes – Emily Moulton @AudioGold 2013 from Zach Walker on Vimeo.

Acoustic Energy – an easy choice

We really like Acoustic Energy speakers. They nearly always hit the spot in any system we try, big or small.

We generally have the new 1 Series and 3 Series speakers in stock and if there is anything else you want, AE are super helpful and it’ll be with us in a day or two for you. Click for more info and prices.

Ed Simons, Chemical Brother. Thanks Ed. x

Reproducing that 60’s bedroom feeling…

We’ve got lots of lovely second hand and new retro record players in stock. Great gift for someone just getting into vinyl, or someone rediscovering their old stash. Some of them have great extra features like USB and audio in/outs for iPods and mp3’s. Some even play 78’s! And remember, we give 10% credit in our record store on all purchases so hop to it.

Big and warm.

Stunning Telefunken Concertino Tube radio in immaculate condition. Lovely warm sound. Has an Aux input to plug iPod/iPhones etc. Call for more info.

NEAT Iota Alpha

The amazing NEAT Iota Alpha speakers now in. Small with big, room filling sound. Ribbon tweeters. Down firing woofer. Amazing detail and soundstage. We love ’em. We also stock other Neat products. Come in for a listen.

Stirling Broadcast SB-88

Designed by Derek Hughes (original BBC speaker designer,..LS3/5a etc), the Stirling Broadcast SB-88‘s are amazing speakers from one of our favourite companies. Ideal for home or studio. Click for more info or come in for a listen.

Feel the warmth

If you’ve been used to transistor amps then this is a brilliant entry to the world of valves. The compact Rogers Cadet III hails from the tail end of the valve era but captures all the warmth and good looks associated with valve equipment. Teamed up here with a pair of Minimax speakers it sounds super smooth. Click for our valve range.

Dragonfly DACs now in!

Simply the easiest way to get better sound from your laptop, desktop or phone. Small and portable, the Dragonfly DAC is a brilliant headphone amp (will push big, hard to drive headphones) and great for HiFi systems too. Come and have a demo.


Classic looks, modern sound. The new Project Classic is here. Come in for demo.

Blue Aura v40

A brilliant, affordable entry to the world of valves. With built in Bluetooth streaming. We love it. Click for more info on the Blue Aura v40 or come in for a listen.


Introducing the Entotem Plato, an award winning, compact, high end all in one audio and video system, easily controlled from your iDevice! Come in for a demo.

Audio Technica AT-LP5

The AT-LP5 is a design delight that will fit in to any listening environment and fill it with rich sound. Its cast aluminium platter and thick damping mat work together to minimise chassis resonance, so nothing will hold your LPs back from reaching their full aural potential.

iFi Stereo 50 – all you need!

The iFi Retro Stereo 50 is an all-in-one VALVE stereo system: from Bluetooth aptx (phone/pad) to High-res digital (computer) to vinyl (turntable). Everyone can bring their music and be able to connect to the Stereo 50 and produce music that simply astounds. Call for more info.

Ernie Ball strings and things

We NOW stock Ernie Ball strings, straps, picks and things. For your chance to win a fantastic Joe Bonamassa experience simply purchase from us and click here to enter your unique code online. Good luck!

Tannoy Prestige Gold Reference

We are super excited to be the only London stockist for the Tannoy Prestige Gold Reference series of speakers. Amazing craftsmanship and build quality with sound to match. We have the Stirlings in store to audition and can order any of the range.