Job vacancy

Saturday job vacancy

There’s a gap at Audio Gold about to happen, when one of our longest serving members leaves after 20 years!! 
The job is every Saturday.  Which is the first big thing to be sure of – can someone commit to working every Saturday?    When settled in, the job may expand to other days ad-hoc or permanently.  But it will always be Saturdays.
It’s technical sales, customer facing, so requires first of all the ability to interact with a wide range of people with grace, confidence and humour.  A broad interest and ability to talk around music and HiFi is essential of course.
The technical side that is specific to Audio Gold we will teach, a process which can take months and years, but the right person will arrive with an interest and affinity with audio kit and a strong capacity to up-skill and self-teach. 
Becoming a fully fledged member of the Audio Gold team takes a long time on account of the diversity of people and equipment we work with – so we need someone who is ready to commit to working with us for many years ahead.
If this sounds good, email to book a time to talk on the phone, come in and meet us, maybe progress to a trial day, and from there to a probationary period.   The pay is negotiable and good.