Atoll AM 200 power amplifier

Atoll AM 200 power amplifier


Our go to power amp right now. Enough oomph the push most speakers, subtle enough to pair with sensitive big speakers, Klipsch, Tannoys, Celestions etc.

Natural sounding, and not overly bright, we like to pair with an Icon Audio La4 valve pre amp and some JBL L82‘s.



  • 2×120 Wrms / 8Ω.
  • 2 toroidal transformers of 340 VA each.
  • Filtering capacitors: 8×6800 μF high quality, low ESR specific for ATOLL.
  • MOS-FET dual push-pull power stage.
  • Integral dual mono architecture.
  • Balanced discrete component audio stages.
  • MOS-FET power transistor.
    Polarization of output stages in class A/B.
  • Double-sided circuit boards with nickel/gold finish.
  • Mono block bridgeable.
  • 12V Trigger input.

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