Graham Slee Era Gold V Moving Magnet Phono Preamplifier

Graham Slee Era Gold V Moving Magnet Phono Preamplifier


The Era Gold V works wonders with moving magnet and high output moving coil cartridges.

So much so it had one influential reviewer declaring it to be miraculous!

£430 with basic PSU. £585 with upgrade PSU1 power supply.


The Era Gold V takes over the reigns from where our legendary Gram Amp range leaves off in taking your vinyl sound to greater depths and heights.

The Era Gold V phono preamp is available supplied with the PSU1 power supply, and a choice of voltages and power plugs; or in budget form with basic power supply, allowing you to upgrade to the PSU1 at a later date.

Technical Specifications:

  • Input range: 2mV to 10mV
  • Output (for input range): 252mV to 1,260mV (1.26V)
  • Maximum input: 39mV rms
  • Maximum output: 4.914V rms
  • Gain: 42dB (126) at 1kHz
  • Input impedance: 47k Ohms plus 100pf
  • Output (driving/source) impedance: 910 Ohm
  • Recommended load impedance: 10k Ohm or greater
  • Noise at output: -65dB CCIR Q-pk
  • Distortion: 0.02%
  • RIAA accuracy: < 0.5dB
  • Channel balance: 0.2dB
  • Channel separation: 64dB
  • Size (approx.): W: 107 x H: 50 x D: 180 (mm) inc. jacks

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