Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a V3 Speakers

Stirling Broadcast LS3/5a V3 Speakers



LS3/5a V3 Stand Mount Loudspeaker

Designed by the BBC in the early seventies for use as an outside broadcast monitor

Stirling has been making a V2 LS3/5a for a number of years now with an 8 ohm nominal impedance which is a lower than the classic 15 Ohms of the original design but makes much more sense in the context of today’s relatively high powered amplifiers. The low sensitivity of the design (83dB) was chosen in order to provide better bass, so it needs a bit of power to achieve real control and the 8 Ohm impedance actually helps in this regard.

The V3 version of the LS3/5a is identical to the V2 in all respects exept the crossover. This was designed to reduce distortion to an absolute minimum and eke out as good a bass response as possible. The V3 also uses Tygan in place of the V2’s cloth for its front grilles.

The V3 is specified as having a lower response point of 75Hz which even for its size seems high but that is largely because of the sealed nature of the design.

Technical Specifications:-

Technical Specifications:-

Type: two-way infinite baffle (sealed box), classic BBC thin-wall (9mm) birth plywood construction, internally damped panels
Connections: gold plated bi-wire 4mm terminals
Drive units: bass/midrange unit Sitrling SB4428, tweeter Sitrling SB4429
Power handling: 60 watts continuous, 110 watts short term, IEC268
Max. sound level: 110dB, pair @ 2 metres
Sensitivity: 83dB for 1 watt (2.83V) @ 1 metre
Frequency response: 75Hz to 18kHz +/-3dB (on HF axis @ 1 metre)
Crossover frequency: 3kHz
Impedance: 11 ohm nominal
Dimensions (mm): 302 wide x 188 high x 168 deep
Weight: 5.3 kilos each
Packed weight (pair) 12.8 Kilos
Shipping carton sizse (mm): 480 wide x 460 high x 330 deep Finishes: standard: walnut, cherry, black ash, English oak
SE Veneers: Wild Oak, Zebrano, Ebony Tiger Strips and Rosewood

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