Rent a HiFi

AudioGold HiFi Pa

You can hire a bespoke hi-end HiFi chosen to suit your event.

It can be a small and beautiful system for a special dinner party through to a giant HiFi PA for boutique events, record launches and anywhere you want to the music to sound and look amazing.



The picture shows DJ Joplin PArnell at Jazz before Jazz was Jazz event produced byTHE ARTS SOCIETY AND KANSAS SMITTY’S

The system he’s using is a pair of Celestion Ditton 66 speakers, run by an Icon LA4 valve pre amp into a Quad 909 power amp.  There’s a couple of AudioTechncia LP1240 turntables fitted with Shure 97 cartridges.   Hire cost for this is £600 + vat.   It sounds spectacular.

You can add a valve rotary mixer perhaps? double up the speakers or swop Celestions for Tannoy or Klipsch? We can configure the system however best suits your venue, budget and users.

For smaller events you can hire suitable hifi, perhaps a small but exquisite valve amp based system and a record player for your dinner party?