Reduce, re-use, recycle.   It’s a great mantra

The first precept is that everything matters. It matters how we all do all we do.

So Audio Gold won’t save the world, but we can and do stand for something that is part of the solution. Slowing down on consumption, seeing what is good in existing technologies and not falling victim to the incessant demands to upgrade.

No help from local councils for recycling or behaving well, so at the moment we have to take a hit to profits to do so.

The law still requires PLC businesses to put their shareholders 1st. So if it costs more to use renewables they will invariably take the dirty route in the name of dividends.

Although, increasingly it’s being shown that businesses who behave sustainably have, over longer terms, better profits and stability.

As a very small business, these economics don’t apply.  There should be help from central and local government.

Rates are huge huge huge.  We pay some £20K a year for our one little shop in Haringey plus vat on secondhand good and repairs.  On top of our home rates.

Product miles.

Project, repairs, recycling….. we give away kit to the right people, that would otherwise go in the bin.

High class recycling.  Costs us but who cares about the planet?

There’s two changes we’ve made that are so easy and we think, very powerful.  One is to switch our power supply to Ecotricity and now our gas too.  As city folk, this is a big simple thing we can do, and certainly the most immediate.  Whilst for householders it costs no more than dirty fuel, for businesses, as usual, they charge more for it.  So our fuel bills are a bit naughty, but our fuel isn’t.

The other is to use the Co Operative Bank. If all banks were ethical, like the Co Op and if everyone insisted on that before depositing their money…..

etc etc in here and / or in charity pages


Recycling Notice

Audio Gold would like to make customers aware that if you buy our new or second-hand equipment we are happy to recycle your old for free!!

(and required to do so by the 2006 WEEE regulations)