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  • AKG's at £125.

    These are a new favourite of ours. Really open, musical headphones that are just as at home with an iPod, mixer or amp.

  • Cult classic

    • The LS 3/5a speaker,..born from the BBC studios. We have the Rogers, Kef and new Stirling Broadcast versions all in stock at present. Treat yourself to a piece of history. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- More »

  • Just Arrived

    Come in and browse/listen too our fine new and second hand collection with a cup of tea or freshly made coffee :)

  • Best thing I did for myself in the last 10 years?
    Spent some money on a proper hifi...

    Thank you Ben @Audio_Gold

    New in the shop is Gilles Peterson's vinyl selection box of treats from his Brownswood Recordings. These & all our Vinyl Sale boxes are now sold in favour of The Steve Reid Foundation.

  • What a treasure of a shop @AudioGold is

    Ed Simmons, Chemical Brother. Thanks Ed. x

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