PA Hire

Don’t use you home HiFi for a party…..!!  It was the number of sorry faces we saw that prompted us to hire out proper kit. The hire fee is often less than a repair bill.  It will sound so much better, look cooler and not break mid-party!! If you’re having a party, organising an event or need a PA for your function, we can help with a range of easy to use PA kit. As Hi-Fi people, we try to use PA that sounds good, not just as loud as shriekingly possible. Most Importantly. Bad sound (a little Hi-Fi cranked up and straining) is far more annoying to neighbours than a good system running at idle.

Contact us to book the right kit for your event, but here’s an idea of what we have available. Hire fees are usually for 48 hours. We will ask for the usual forms of i.d. for hiring things and a deposit for the value of the equipment. If you don’t see what you need here, please ask, we have lots more…. You can use iPods, phones, laptops into all our systems as well as decks & mixers or live.

You can hire an AudioGold bespoke HiFi for your event. A bespoke hi-end HiFi chosen to suit your event.  It can be a small and beautiful system for a special dinner party through to a giant HiFi PA for boutique events, record launches and anywhere you want to the music to sound and look amazing.  Read more here…

Fohhn Experience 2. £160+vat. or £200+vat with extra satellite speakers. 1500 watts Class D, ultra portable, best-in-class, brilliant PA. It consists of 2 satellite speakers plus a bass bin that contains the amp and will fit in the back of a car. Use this system for your wedding, street party or gig, and wherever you want an amazing sound for up to 500 people.

Turbosound IP300 – £50 each/pair £90+vat – great compact footprint speakers from Turbsound with a big sound for their size. Can be hired singly for smaller parties, or in pairs on stands for a bit more thump.

Turbosound IP12B – £70+vat – add this sub to either the above Turbosound IP300’s for a truly kicking system or will also work with the Fohhn satellites.

RCF 312a powered speakers, £65+vat to hire. 350 watts each, 12″ bass drivers means more bass. Perfect for smaller gatherings. Ideal for events of up to 100 people where you want some thing loud and bassy but not a full on PA rig.

Fender Passport Venue series 2. £80+vat to hire. All in one system with amp, 10 channel line mixer and 2 speakers. 600 watts. Great for smallish live gigs where you might have musicians or singers but also works for parties and DJ set ups.

Blockrocker. £40+vat. 45cm high 20 kg. Mains powered Transactive is perfect for garden parties, childrens parties, picnics or wherever you want really. It’s loud enough to fill a good sized space, has an iPod dock and instrument and microphone inputs. You can stand mount it if you want and use several together for more volume.

Bose S1, micro PA system £40+vat with Bluetooth and built in mixer. 2 x mic/xlr inputs + 1 aux input. Just 33 x 24 x 28 –  Belies its size!

Technics 1210 vinyl decks £80+vat per pair. 50cm wide 15kg each in flight cases.  The essential guest at any serious party. Fitted with Stanton 500 cartridges.

Pioneer CDJ-350. £75+vat per pair. Multi format player/controllers, play CD’s and files from USB sticks. We also have regular CDJ-1000’s/800’s if you are just playing CD’s @£60+vat per pair.

Numark CD MIx-2  £50+vat. 40cm wide 5kg.  Twin deck CD player with integral mixer.  Lines in for iPod etc, and for 2 vinyl decks. Ultra simple to use, even first time DJ’s can be mixing tunes with a 5 minute lesson. This Cd Mixer will plug into any of our Loudspeaker systems and into home HiFi systems.

DJ mixer £40+vat. 40cm wide. 10kg in flight case. Four channel DJ mixer. We have a few alternatives, inc Urie and Pioneer mixers.


Dynamic vocal microphone and stand. £30+vat.

Sennheiser WE100 Wireless levalier lapel mic £40+vat

We also have a LARGE  Community PA System available please contact for details.