Recent feature in HiFi Choice Magazine here.

Over the years Audio Gold has featured regularly in the press. Our ‘sort’ of shop makes good copy, and is very photogenic, we hope 🙂 – individual and characterful,…we’re a good success story for independent retailing.

Here is our Gallery.  –  plus Gigs & Events we’ve had at the shop

Right now, there’s a wonderful resurgence in vinyl records, which we are very much part of. We are London’s only shop to keep a full range of new and second hand vinyl turntables in stock, and to have a second hand record shop too. If you’d like to write up London’s vinyl trend, or have us write one for your publication, get in touch….

We are a great backdrop for interviews, pop promo’s, events and launches. Again,…get in touch….

We’re very pleased to have featured several times in Time Out’s 500 Best London Shops and we were Timeout Love London Awards winner in 2016.

And here’s a lovely quote from Christopher Howe in the Telegraph’s Stella magazine: “This second hand Hi fi and vinyl shop is the loveliest and friendliest place on Earth. Playing vinyl changes the atmosphere of a room as much as a great piece of Georgian furniture”.

Ben also recently talked to the Telegraph’s Luxury pages about the resurgence in classic HiFi and here’s Rob Ryan mentioning Audio Gold on the Robert Elms radio show.

Film and Furniture asked Robin about Hi-Fi in film here, and he speaks to The Mail here about investing in vintage Hi-Fi.

Our good friend Gilles Peterson talks British HiFi with us on Radio 4 here.

Time Out Shopping guide extract: “… Audio Gold is one of the best places in London to track down old school equipment. From ghetto blasters to gramophones, this store has it covered…”

Nice interview shopography from Record Collector, featuring a picture of the very lovely and soon-to-be Mrs Shallcross. Record Collector and a more recent article about vintage Hi-Fi here.