Audio Gold can help with servicing and repairs of HiFi equipment, whether bought from us or elsewhere.

Our charges are £70 + vat per hour, plus parts for work carried out in-house.

Work carried out by outside engineers, charges are variable.    Most repairs work out at around £150 + vat.

Items originally purchased from Audio Gold are repaired at a discount whee possible.

We ask for a non refundable deposit of £30 on items to be repaired, which is deducted from the end bill – unless the work is considered uneconomic or not viable and the job cancelled.  At our discretion, we will deduct the deposit from a replacement item if the work cannot be completed.

We can work on most types of hi-fi, including amplifiers, speakers and turntables,..NB* but exclude all in one mini systems, i.e. those where a CD, amp and tuner occupy one box. We also exclude multiple CD drives. Regular CD players are becoming non economical to fix. Tape decks are also a problem, we will usually refer you to one of our specialist friends.

Due to a high demand on our services and a limited supply of experienced engineers, repairs can often take longer than expected and customers should consider this before leaving repairs with us.

Many current manufacturers offer a fast and effective repair services themselves (Roberts, Ruark etc), and we would advise customers to seek this where possible.( for example…for Bose call 0333-3000 112).

Items not collected 3 months from advice of completion may be disposed of to recoup the repair and storage costs calculated at £0.50 per day from date originally received.  All repair items are left at owners risk.

Repair work has a 3 month guarantee for the fault repaired.

If in doubt about work you need carrying out, please contact us first