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Alistair Smith – Composer
Alistair Smith – Sound Healing London
Wrangler – electronic band:
Robin Hexstatic mixes:

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London Rolls Royce Music History Tours –
Stuart Free – renowned North London painter and framer:
Murray Mens store Crouch End:

Our manufacturing friends:
Icon Audio – British made valve amplifiers:
Acoustic Energy – great British speakers:
Klipsch – big bold speakers from the U.S. –
Ruark audio – again, great British audio products:
Sennheiser – Excellent headphones –

Hi-Fi and Audio forums and societies:
Classic Album Sundays Listening to Albums properly:
BVCF – Valve radio enthusiasts :

Audio Equipment
Soundgas – super retro recording equipment !:
Funky Junk (Pro Audio) in Hornsey:

Articles and Literature
The Vinyl Factory – everything vinyl:
The Wire The Magazine…
Hifi Engine – Free hifi user manuals –

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Lovely secondhand furniture –
Jealous Gallery Superb fine printers and gallery –
ChaChaCha Vintage – funky furniture and clothes –

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Invisible Dust –
Super cool power suppliers –

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