All for a good cause

The Steve Reid Foundation is a fundraising charity set up by Gilles Peterson, which channels funds to musicians in need.  In aid of that,  Mr P has filled a box in our shop with goodies from his record label Brownswood Recordings and some choices from our bins too.  Inspired by that,  all proceeds from our Sale Boxes of vinyl are now going straight to the Steve Reid collection box too.

If you have vinyl records you don’t want, or just too many, you can fill the Steve Reid Foundation box too?!  We are happy to buy some records for our shop boxes and have you decide what goes in the charity boxes?!


The Musicians benevolent Fund, as it’s name suggests, helps musicians who need a hand, at  any point in their lives.  For years we’ve been accepting donations and giving kit away to the right people and now we’re going to ask people to put money towards the MBF when they have a piece of kit or some of our time.


Here’s some of the things that are in the MBF sale right now.   Again, if you have kit you’d like to have sold in favour of the MBF, let us know.  We take no admin, it all goes straight to help musicians.


Working kids keyboard.  £10 MBF donation?





Saxophone case. £10 MBF donation?







MBF sales corner in the shop. Always adding more.  Come in and pick up something, drop something off!?


















Technicolour VHS recorder, boxed, power supply, apparently unused.  £ MBF donation



Little DJ mixer, needs some love. £ MBF donation







reel – reel



Some from the prop hire stock