From 1st April 2012 we will be guaranteeing most of the secondhand items we sell for one year. The things we sell and recommend should last for many years, often longer than newly produced items – and we wish to demonstrate this to customers via a full years warranty.

In the event of a problem with equipment bought from us, we will endeavour to repair it or replace it with an equivalent item.

Further, should equipment bought from us develop a fault outside of the year, we will where possible repair at cost, or replace at discount.

In some instances we will offer items with shorter guarantees or without a guarantee – with the understanding of the purchaser and reflect such in the price. Reasons will include travel, delivery and destination plans. Intended unspecified use. Explicit weaknesses or faults and difficulties in repair.


Our warranty will not include return delivery costs, collections, disassembly or reinstallation.

Our warranty will not extend to:-

Misuse of any kind. This includes using domestic HiFi equipment for parties and other event. Use at excessive volumes.  Positioning in poorly ventilated areas.  Connection of excessive loudspeaker loads.  Unspecified use.

Incorrect and inappropriate connections such as shorted loudspeaker cables, connecting/disconnecting  devices while amplifiers are on.  The use of non specified cables, leads and handmade leads.

Damage inflicted by mains voltage surges and spikes.

Equipment that has been repaired or modified by parties other than ourselves without our approval.

Ebay sales

Other equipment connected to that bought from ourselves.


Installation and use generals.

All equipment should be connected via a mains spike & surge protector and, where the situation permits, a separate mains spur from the consumer unit will provide a cleaner more stable power supply.

Make all connections whilst equipment is turned off or best unplugged.

Do not connect or disconnect devices such as iPods etc while the amplifier is turned up. Zero the volume first.



When connecting loudspeakers always turn off and unplug the amplifier first. Ensure that the connection is secure before turning the amplifier on. At no point must the positive and negative terminals touch at either end as this will cause a short circuit.

Loudspeakers will provide the best stereo imaging when positioned 6-8 feet apart, somewhere around ear level and about 10 feet away from you.

As a rule, speakers put directly on the floor will wallow and those placed too high will trill. But many people get great results putting speakers in all sorts of eccentric positions and a little experimentation often goes a long way, particularly in spaces with unusual acoustics.


Position amplifiers with sufficient ventilation.

Connect only the specified load.  That means no more than one pair of speakers in most instances unless confirmed OK for 2 pairs.


You will enjoy your turntable much more if it is at a convenient height and freely accessible. Tucked away, low down etc. they get ignored and dusty.

Turntables work best positioned on their own independent surface,  such as a wall mounted shelf.  Preferably not on something that stands on a wooden floor. They should not be rested on other equipment.