Audio Gold Christmas Gift List 2016

Here’s our selection of audio goodies for you or the audiophile in your life. 1. Beyerdynamic DT770 Headphones – our favourites ( we all have them so that tells you something!),..simply great sounding headphones that work beautifully with your iPhone or at home. All parts replaceable,..a real pair of headphones for life. 2. Blue Aura V40 – a compact valve hybrid amplifier with built in Bluetooth and USB Dac. What more could you ask for? Lovely smooth sound, great with vinyl decks or streamed music alike. 3. Project Vertical turntable – possibly the coolest looking turntable ever, ideal if space is an issue and can be wall mounted to become a real feature in your home.

















4. Yamaha MusicCast speaker system – the only multi-room system we believe in – loads of options with speakers, amps, pre amps and high end separates all designed to link together seamlessly. Come in and check out the range. 5. Audioquest Dragonfly portable DAC – get the best sound from your iPhone or Laptop. Upgrades the crummy DACS in your devices and drives good headphones better. Essential. 6. MiniRig portable Bluetooth speaker – built like a tank and as loud as one! Simply the best portable, rechargeable speaker out there with a massive max 50 hours playback! 7. Pure Evoke D2 Dab radio with Bluetooth – a great sounding, great looking, small radio with built in Bluetooth so you can use it as a wireless speaker. It’s a no brainer. 8. Numark PT01 touring record player – a great entry to the world of vinyl, built in speakers, USB output and a rechargeable battery for days in the park or record fair digging. 9. James Brown – A Soulful Christmas vinyl LP – bin that cheesy christmas CD and stick on a good Christmas record. We’ve got lots.


















10. Vintage record box – there’s lots of expensive reproductions out there, so why not get an original. Much cooler, and will probably last longer 🙂 We’ve got loads in store. 11. A retro cassette Walkman – never mind the vinyl revival, cassettes are where it’s at! We’ve got a selection of re conditioned Walkmans starting from £250 and a small but growing selection of tapes. 12. Vintage Dansette – we try and keep a selection of fully re-conditioned vintage record players in stock at all times, including a beautiful Dansette Monarch with it’s original legs. Give us a ring to see what’s in.


















13. Audioquest Big Sur – we err on the sceptical side with expensive interconnects, except where Audioquest are concerned. They definately make a difference, especially on a good system, and can be a small outlay for a whole lot of difference. 14. Kitsound Audio Earmuffs – keep your ears warm this winter while listening on the go. Great sounding headphones from Kitsound. 15. Bluetooth adapted vintage radio – we take beautiful old radios that we cant fix and transform them into Bluetooth speakers, so you can beam your music to them wirelessly. 16. Tonar Diabolic DJ cartridge – if you play music that kicks, this will kick it harder than any other cartridge out there. A stonking cartridge for any DJ deck.