Christmas at Audio Gold




Vinyl Christmas card – £7 – a christmas card,…thats a record!,…thats a record player! Really! THE Christmas card for the vinyl junkie in your life.

garrard guage


Vintage Garrard pressure guage – £30 – ultimate accessory for a vintage HiFi buff, helping to balance that tonearm to perfection. We bought up a few of these as they are so nice it still do the job.



Vinyl Clock – from £13 – regular and ‘time’ themed vinyl clocks (see what we did there). We can also make up from any seven inch/12/LP in the shop.


charlie brown

A Charlie Brown Christmas LP – £25 – A ltd edition green vinyl pressing of this wonderful recording of music from the original TV special, performed by the Vince. Guaraldi Trio. A must for Christmas listening. Check out our other favourite records here.




Passion For Vinyl book – £30 – In Passion For Vinyl a wide selection of DJ s, musicians, label owners, designers, record dealers, collectors share their unconditional love for vinyl. Beatifully packaged. Includes an exclusive 7″ single.



Audio Gold slipmats  – £10 each- yes, our very own slipmats with natty logo so every time you play you’ll think of us, ahhh.



stringsStrings and things! – from 50p – we had so many people coming in asking for guitar strings/picks/straps that we thought we’d better get some in. Electric and accoustic strings from Ernie Ball. Picks, fret oil and winders from Jim Dunlop,… and a range of straps from both. Rock on!



Rega RP1£250 –  a turntable that the defies the ‘entry level’ tag. Looks great, sounds great. We’ve been sticking Audio Technica AT100 cartridges on them (see below) and think they out gun turntables at  twice the price. Check out our full turntable range here.



Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator synths – £49 – super fun mini synths from Teenage Engineering. Come in 3 flavours – Factory (lead), Sub (bass), and Rhythm (beats). Build them up and sync together for full on squelchy fun.


500-system-2A ‘Proper’ HiFi – from £450 – Here at Audio Gold we really love to build bespoke systems. Ideally that means coming to the shop and having a chat and discussing your budget/music/visual preferences and then listening to some combinations of equipment until we find something you really like. It’s only by listening to different things in combination that you’ll really be able to judge. We’ll sit you down with a cup of tea/coffee while we hurry around putting things together for you.


Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 – £179  – great with iPods and home HiFi alike, these headphones have an engaging sound but still manage to be smooth and detailed. Very comfortable for long listening and superb build quality at this price.  Lots more headphones here and more in store. Come have a listen.



MiniRig i-speaker – £100 – The loudest and best portable speaker by far and we are chuffed to be the ONLY London stockist. Up to 50 hours of 15 watts playback on a full charge via USB. Simply connect via 3.5mm jacks and set your music free! Super tough but also comes with a padded zip case. We also stock the Subwoofer and a full range of small powered speakers here.



Roberts Classic Blutune – £99 – A Roberts classic brought bang up to date with DAB/FM and bluetooth for streaming from all your iDevices. Use as a great portable iPod speaker! Check out the rest of our radio range here.




Audio Technica AT100E phono cartridge – £55 -treat your old deck to a new bit of life, bang for buck (they recently dropped £20 off these!?) pretty much the best basic cartridge upgrade you can buy. This thing sounds like cartridges 3 times the price,…you’ll be thankful you did! We stock a good range of personally selected phono cartridges here.


Crosley Spinarette – £165 – great retro styled player from Crosley, we really like this one. Built in speaker, headphone output and USB connection for recording vinyl to mp3/CD. Lots more portable record players new and old here.


Pure Evoke D2 with Bluetooth – £100 -Doubling as a compact, portable DAB digital and FM radio and a great-sounding wireless speaker, the Evoke D2 with Bluetooth sports a sleek domino, glacier white or maple wood finish, simple controls and class-leading audio. Lots more Bluetooth ideas here.


 Teenage Engineering OD-11 – £650 – a carefully re-engineered version of the legendary ortho directional loud-speaker by Stig Carlsson from 1974. Now with a built-in computer, 100 watt amplifier and the latest wifi technology. Play all your music, from any device, in wireless stereo in fine style. Link up with your music server, Spotify etc and control everything from your phone with the free app!