Wireless connectivity

Here at Audio Gold we believe that ‘wires will always work’ and ultimately give you the best sound and reliability.

However, there are times when you want the ease of wireless audio and being able to control music from a smartphone, be it from Spotify or high end files from a wireless NAS hard drive or similar.

We’ve recently started stocking products from the Yamaha MusicCast range.

We believe they are the best sounding of all the wireless systems. Ease of use and sound quality being top of our list.

And the product range encompasses whole new systems, big and small, or high end seperates that can be added to an already exisiting ‘traditional’ wired system such as their WXC-50 network receiver -£299.

Or all in one system like the CRX-N47OD – £299, with CD/DAB radio and amplifier built in. Just add any pair of wired,..or wireless speakers.

If you have an existing system there are also other products/companies to add wireless connectivity. We stock the Mass Fidelity Relay -£200, a small box that plugs into any existing system with a spare input which gives you high quality Bluetooth wireless audio. We

We also stock the Blue Aura V40 -£450, a great, compact valve hybrid amplifier that has Bluetooth built in. Looks great and sounds super smooth.

We can also order wireless amplifiers and systems from Roksan (Blak amplifier – £2,800), Pro-ject (MaiA amplifiers – £429/£795) + their range of StreamBox digital streamers (starting £650).

You can check out the Yamaha MusicCast page here: https://uk.yamaha.com/en/products/contents/audio_visual/musiccast/about.html

Mass Fidelity Relay info here: https://www.massfidelity.com/products/relay-wireless-bluetooth-dac

Pro-Ject products here: https://www.henleydesigns.co.uk/ui/product/product-category-list.aspx?BrandID=50

Blue Aura V40: http://www.blueaura.co.uk/v40-blackline