Tannoy SGM 15

Tannoy SGM 15


Tannoys new flagship legacy speaker, the Super Gold Monitor or SGM 15.

Basically astounding! If you have the space and money buy these!

Paired with the Leben CS-1000p/RS-28CX pre power combo,..well,..not much we’ve heard thats better!


Larger Than Life

The SUPER GOLD 15 speakers sport 15” woofers that go all in on epic and larger-than-life sound. They excel at any music style that requires massive and punchy lows, while at the same time keeping the critical midrange clear and detailed and the highs silky-smooth and delicious. Modern R’n’B, Hip Hop and certain styles of Electronica and Rock immediately comes to mind. But of course they are also happy to take on any other type of music and will play it back gracefully.

Listening for Hours on End

SUPER GOLD passes on the sound that the artist and producer intended without artefacts. The goal was to create a truly neutral soundstage with zero sonic coloration, and as a result these speakers are very non-fatiguing, which means that you can not only get a full and rich listening experience from almost anywhere in the room, but also that you can listen for hours on end without wearing out your ears.

Frequency response 35 Hz – 30 kHz ± 6 dB
Recommended amplifier power 20 – 300 W
Power handling (IEC) 150 W continuous, 600 W peak
Sensitivity 93 dB (1 W @ 1 m)
Impedance 8 Ω
Low frequency dual concentric 1 x 15″ (380 mm) paper pulp cone with twin roll impregnated fabric surround, 52 mm (2″) edge wound voice coil
High frequency dual concentric 1 x 1.3″ (33 mm) aluminium/magnesium alloy dome with edge-wound voice coil
Frequency 1.1 kHz
Type Bi-wired, hard wired passive, low loss 2nd order low pass, 1st order high pass
Adjustment ±3 dB over 1 kHz to 30 kHz shelving,
±3 dB over 1 kHz to 5 kHz shelving,
2 dB to -6 dB per octave
over 5 kHz to 30 kHz slope
User controls treble roll off, treble energy, presence energy
Type Triple distributed port
Connectors 5 x 4 mm 24ct Tannoy customized binding posts
Dimensions HWD 650.2 x 424.9 x 1033.5 mm (25.6 x 16.7 x 40.7″)
Net weight 50 kg (110.2 lbs)
Construction 19 mm (3/4″) Particle Board, MDF with plywood internal bracing – heavily damped
Finish Walnut veneer and high acoustic transparency nylon grill cover

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