Icon Audio Stereo 300 MkII 300B Integrated Amplifier

Icon Audio Stereo 300 MkII 300B Integrated Amplifier

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Beautifully Simple
Highest Definition
30+30 Watts Triode*
Remote Control
Choke power supply
WE Replica 300B upgrade available


Some things are hard to improve on and that is especially true of the 1930s 300B valve. *Directly Heated Triodes are considered by many to be the pinnacle of audio quality. Icon Audio have built an amplifier that gets the best out of this venerable tube. Warm, transparent, satisfying. With 30 + 30 Watts of power available from 20 Hz to 20kHz this amplifier is sure to please the most demanding listener.

The standard valves give excellent performance. But for those who may wish to use “premium” or the new Western Electric 300Bs and want to maximise the life of these valves, therefore on request we can supply the amplifier with a lower HT which will give a maximum of 21w per channel output.

Ideal for situations where the very highest fidelity is required from a medium powered amplifier. Well suited to larger more efficient speakers. Very detailed sound stage with a mid range to die for. Delightful listening quality.

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